Practice Management Software from Papilio

Comprehensive Practice Management Software free for life for a CA firms upto 5 users.

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If you are a Chartered Accountant in practice in India this offer is for you

The comprehensive Practice Management Software covers:

Collaboration with team and clients • Process based work management • Simple and effective document management • Client management • Elaborate time management • Invoicing, and Collection tracking • Elaborate Dashboards for teams and management

Free Offer

For a firm with less than five people, Papilio will be free for life. There will not be any additional charges.

Startup Firm

For startup firms (Less the two-year-old firm) – 50% off for next two years

SME Firms

For firms with less than 20 people, subscription charges are discounted by 25% for next three years. Accordingly, yearly subscription charges will be Rs.1800.00 (Rupees One Thousand Eight Hundred only) per user. Also, additional users will be charged at Rs.450.00 (Rupees Four Hundred and Fifty only) per user per quarter.

After the above specified period, standard rates will be applicable.

Offer detail source :

This Offer is provided under CMP Benefits of ICAI

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