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Digitize your back office operations with Zoho’s solutions 

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Digitize your back office operations with Zoho’s solutions 

This offer is valid for 3 years from the date of signing up for the product.

Zoho is offering its accounting, expense reporting, and payroll solutions for FREE for the Chartered Accountant community (ICAI members only). With Zoho’s powerful financial tools, firms can digitize back office operations and collaborate with staff effortlessly. 

Zoho Books: 

Powerful financial platform for growing businesses 

Zoho Books is online accounting software that helps businesses manage their business finances. From keeping track of receivables and payables to collecting online payments to GST compliance, businesses can handle their end-to-end accounting on a single platform.

How Zoho Books can help: 

End-to-end accounting: 

Right from generating invoices and bills to collecting payments online, Zoho Books helps businesses manage their finances with ease. 

GST compliance: 

Stay updated and compliant with Zoho Books. Businesses can file GST returns online, generate e-way bills, and maintain audit trails, ensuring tax compliance all the time. 

Connected banking: 

Connect preferred banks and simplify business banking with Zoho Books. Create transaction rules, automate categorization, and reconcile accounts, eliminating high-volume manual work. 


Automate tedious and error-prone tasks with Zoho Books. Eliminate repetitive work and save a significant amount of time by setting up payment reminders and scheduling recurring transactions. 


Work online with colleagues. Businesses can create user roles, add new users within the organization, and share access without compromising the security of their data. 

Mobile application: 

With mobile apps, handle business needs from anywhere, at any time. Track payables and receivable and get insights on business performance on the go. 


Zoho Expense: 

Travel and expense management for growing businesses 

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting app, designed for businesses worldwide. Automate expense report creation, streamline approvals, and reimburse employees promptly.

How Zoho Expense can help: 

Travel and expense management: 

Manage online travel bookings with ease. From creating travel itineraries to setting up travel workflows, Zoho Expense helps businesses handle travel management seamlessly. 

Spend control: 

Keep track of business spend with Zoho Expense. Businesses can allocate budgets, enforce policies, and set up approvals to ensure expenses are always tracked. 

Expense reporting: 

Automate expense reporting with ease. Create expenses by auto-scanning receipts, add expenses to reports, process reimbursements online, and eliminate time-consuming manual work. 

Audit and compliance: 

Be audit-ready during tax season. Businesses can use Zoho Expense to analyse expense reports, identify policy violations, keep track of fraudulent expenses, and stay compliant with government regulations at all times. 

Zoho Payroll: 

Payroll experience redefined to be stress-free 

Zoho Payroll is designed to make your payroll process less complicated. Spend less time running payroll for your employees and more time growing your business. 

How Zoho Payroll can help: 

Payroll processing: 

Automate payroll processing in minutes. From scheduling pay runs to setting up deductions to disbursing salaries, Zoho Payroll handles end-to-end payroll processing with ease.

Employee onboarding: 

Build a seamless employee onboarding process with Zoho Payroll. From importing employee data to tracking employee salary revisions to managing employee exits, manage employee onboarding with Zoho Payroll. 

Compliance and reporting: 

Stay on top of compliance with Zoho Payroll. Collect professional tax, enable TDS deductions, generate payroll reports, and ensure business is compliant with payroll laws with Zoho Payroll. 

Employee self-service: 

With the secure ESS portal in Zoho Payroll, employees can claim expense reimbursements, download payslips and tax worksheets, expedite investment proof submissions, and collaborate with payroll staff with ease. 


Disclaimer: This offer is valid for 3 years from the date of signing up for the product.


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5 reviews for Accounting, Expense reporting and Payroll Apps from Zoho

  1. Jigar Shah

    This is useful and good offer to try out the product. We are using Zoho Books for sending invoices to our clients. However, Zoho should allow CAs to create more than one organization and should have bulk offers as CAs would like to maintain books for their clients. In tally once we buy we can maintain multiple companies, there is no restriction in it. Zoho Books should create an offer where by paying X amount CAs can maintain Y number of clients.

  2. PB Lakshmi

    One of the beautiful cloud accounting system in the recent times. More aligned to Indian terms of accounting and the free version is also very much complete for small entities. Must try for all accountants.

  3. Sarita Agarwal

    Zoho Books is one of the Best Cloud Accounting software. It makes Accounting, Banking and Compliances easy for the users. It’s integration with different apps and self customization option gives us the flexibility to mold the program to the best of our end.

    I am very satisifed using Zoho Books, Expenses and Zoho Payroll.

  4. Pramit Roy

    Zoho Books being a cloud based accounting software has the perk of being accessed from anywhere and anytime. Looking forward to learn more features of this software.

  5. Shivam Thakkar

    I am using Zoho Books for more than 2.5 years & recommended to many clients also to update their Accounting systems & process.
    Zoho Books quickly updates the recent GST & TDS amendments in their software. Highly Appreciate their Quick Updates.

    Future is Zoho only.

    Proud Customer of Zoho Products.

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